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March 2017 Monthly Goodreads


Bezos Sells $1 Billion a year in Amazon Stock for Space Project (Bloomberg)

SpaceX Pulls Off First Rescued Rocket Mission in Triumph For Musk (Bloomberg)

The world has made great progress in eradicating extreme poverty (The Economist)

The ungrateful refugee: 'We have no debt to repay' (The Guardian)

Jailed for using Grindr: homosexuality in Egypt (The Guardian)

Climate Progress, With or Without Trump (NY Times)

How does populism turn authoritarian? Venezuela is a case in point (NY Times)

New York has a great subway, if you're not in a wheelchair (NY Times)

Grading Obamacare: successes, failures and 'incompletes' (NY Times)

The case for immigration (Vox)


On Liberty, by Shami Chakrabarti


What people miss about the gender wage gap? (Vox)

Snapchat filters: the engineering behind augmented-reality selfies (Vox)

Comedians have figured out the trick to covering trump (Vox)

The Other Kind of Inequality, Explained (HBR)

Trump's Budget Explained (Vlogbrothers)

Why can't America have a grown-up healthcare conversation? (Vlogbrothers)


Rice's Actions in Trump Intellegnace May Be Improper, Lake Says (Bloomberg Intelligence)

Money Talks: the robot era is dawning (The Economist radio)

Why woman fail to make it to the top in banking? (Financial Times Banking weekly)


Refuge: transforming a broken refugee system (LSE)

The Productivity Puzzle (LSE)

Mao Zedong and the Cultural Revolution: history versus myth (LSE)

From Obama to Trump: what's next for US foreign policy? (LSE)

Nationalism vs. globalism: the new political divide (TED)

Who would the rest of the world vote for in your country's election? (TED)

Why civilians suffer more once a war is over (TED)


HyperNormalisation, by Adam Curtis (BBC)


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