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Open Discussions

Our Ambassadors lead regular Open Discussions sessions in their schools or local communities, in which they explore an issue of their choice. Participants are actively engaged throughout the session, as they have the opportunity to present their views and opinions. This page gives a snapshot into these discussions with reflections and summaries from the ambassadors themselves.


Ambassadors: Tshepo and Sierra

Pharmaceutical Corporations and Medical Research

The discussion was primarily around the issues and strengths in the pharmaceutical/ medical industry. The main issues highlighted were issues around accessibility in terms of e.g. vaccines or disparity between different classes in modern societies, direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs and how medical issues such as AIDS and Ebola are treated in the news.

My final thoughts are that I think the medical industry has a long way to go, as some of the issues such as lack of access are parts of a bigger issue such as capitalism or racism.

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